The name ‘Big Bang’ is derived from the "Big Bang Theory" of the origin of the universe. The group is like that 'Big Bang' of the universe, as they make an explosion into the music industry to “transform the stereotypical ‘Idol star’ market” of today.



'DBSK' stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki and means "Gods Rising from the East."



JYJ is named after the intials of the three members of the group 'Jaejoong,' 'Yoochun,' and 'Junsu.'



‘2AM’ is when people get emotional as they reflect alone upon the things that happened during the day. The group’s aim is to feature songs which express such emotional depth and sensitivity.



‘2PM’ is the most active and pumped time of the day. The group’s aim is to make such energetic and passionate music.  



‘CN’ is an abbreviation of “Code Name’ while “BLUE” stands for the images of each individual members: ‘Burning’ represents Lee Jong Hyun, ‘Lovely’ represents Kang Min Hyuk, ‘Untouchable’ represents Lee Jung Shin, and ‘Emotional’ represents Jung Yong Hwa.

Super Junior


The thirteen member boy band’s name ‘Super Junior’ represents that the time when the members were young as SM trainees and were considered the best (‘super’) in every field!



The double S stands for Super Stars, while the 501 symbolizes that the five members are one forever.


‘MBLAQ’ stands for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.”


Derived from the word ‘shiny,’ it means a person who is always in the spotlight.


‘UKISS’ is an abbreviation of “Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star”


‘BEAST’ stands for “Boys of EAst Standing Tall”

F.T. Island


‘FT Island’ stands for “Five Treasure Island.” Each member aims to become ‘treasure-like’ artists through their undiscovered potential and musical talents.

SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

The name signifies “the time (generation) has come for the girls to take over the world.”


Each group member aims to show off their unique talents and charms through various musical activities, just like how the mathematical result of the function f(x) changes each time based on the different ‘x’s. The name is also a play on the mathematical notation for function, with "f" representing "flower" and "x" signifying the female's double X chromosome.



2NE1’ stands for "New Evolution of the 21st Century.”

miss A


miss A’ signifies that they will cultivate A-class talents in everything they do and become the best in Asia 

Wonder Girls


Literally girls who make you ‘wonder’ and marvel!

After School


After School’ signifies the sense of freedom that students feel ‘after school’ and how they show off their talents and have a fun time while enjoying such freedom.  


4minute’ means that the girls will captivate the fans with their charms within 4 minutes. It also signifies ‘for minute,’ that they will always try their best for every minute.



The name ‘Kara’ comes from the Greek word "chara" ("joy"), which the group interpreted as "sweet melody.”



The name ‘T-ara’ connotes their aim to emerge as the queen in the music industry and wear a beautiful jeweled ‘tiara.’

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